Old Mate

My best friend is an obnoxious arrogant pretentious swine of a dude, but i love the guy. He's also one of the most self aware, intelligent, understanding, and loving human beings ive ever met.

Our friendship transcends the pettiness of day to day drama, of distance, of life choices, of personal choices, of personal taste in arts and culture, and we have both been there for each other in the times of our lives where everyone else had abandoned us.

The strength of combined will we have and the energy we permiate when around each other is startling in its similarities, despite our vast differences in ideaology and personality.

In some ways we are closer than any brothers could ever be, and our mental wavelengths match on a strange pseudo-plutonic level. We are drinking buddies, each others personal councillors, bandmates, friends, referees, confidents, PR reps, and happy to die for the other before our own families.

Iain, cheers for the amazing friendship dude, ill always be there for you mate.
liam25aus liam25aus
22-25, M
Jan 10, 2013