My Best Friend =)

When I was 8 years old I made a friend that I believed could last a lifetime. He always did everything for me and I always walked by it and we played all the time together and everything we were doing was just nóis only two he just bores me and I understood him.
On 05/11/09 he was traveling and I really wanted to go with him but my mother would not let go and and at all when the car began to walk I started to cry a lot and he also spending two days I was in the house Jefferson's grandmother (my best friend) she had me chamanda for me to eat biscuits and called on her cell phone and she quickly went to the living room and started crying I asked what had happened and she told me that Jefferson had died in a acindente car I do not quite understand what it meant death at the time and then my mother told me I would never see him because he had gone to heaven and when I started to cry I was not eating for 1 day and a half do not leave home I was depressed because I never had and will never have a friend like Jefferson every day on my side and I could count on everything with him by my side nóis been and always will be best friends!! =) S2

You will always be in my heart Mlehor friend of all I will never forget all our days!! Go in peace.
Go in peace.
RoyPeter RoyPeter
Jan 11, 2013