Happy Ending?

Hello everyone!
well let me start off by telling you guys that im In love with my best friend. yes i'm a girl & my best friend is a guy. we've been best friends for over 2 years already. we spend alot of time together & we do everything together. we have gone to a few amusement parks together, after his job he would come by to see me for a few hours before he left for his 2nd job. i would always tell him about my guy problems, and he would listen to me and give me advices. people would always tell if we were dating or that we should already go out. i feel like i always had him fro myself & he was always there for me no matter what. i talked to a few guys & he would always tell me which guys to stay away from and which guys were worth my time. i never went into a serious relationship. but he did. he started talking to this girl since the beggining of this school year & they finally went out in may. even though he was going out with this girl, he would always make time to hang out with me, go see a movie go have dinner or simply just sit down and talk. his girlfriend really hated me because he would spend alot of time with me. onne day we went to the beach with a group of friends, but once we got there, everyone went there own ways, so my bestfriend and i were stuck together. that day i felt a huge connection between him & i. but i had to set to reality that he had a girlfrind, so i sort of kept my distance for the rest of the night. because theye even talked about getting married. they probably dated for 3 months before they broke up. i always wanted to talk to him about his relationship, because they were constantly aguing but he would always limit the information he would tell me or try to avoid the topic. since he was recruited for the marines, he was soon to leave for bootcamp. i was sad because he has been my bestdriend for 2 years & all the sudden, we would have no comunication for 3 months. i was hard thinking about it that i wasnt going to talk to him. one week before he left to bootcamp, he told me that he has always liked me, since the first day we met. i was speechless because i was in shock. i literally couldnt talk so he just asked me on a date. with the few words i was able to say, i said YES. so we went on our first date and it was perfect like every time we hanged out. i decided NOt to make it official until he came back from boot camp. so im just waiting anxiously for him to come back. Okay so we hanged out as much as we could before he left. on our last day together, we went bowling & decided to go to see the city from the mountains, so it was really romantic and peaceful. and in that place, was were we kissed. the kiss was so passionate, i feel like we both waited for that day to come so bad. its been a month since he left. and i just miss him so much. i feel so lonely and like a part of me is missing. he has wrote to me a few letter and he always tells me how much he misses me and how hes always thinking of me & how im his other half. he is coing back on november, and im so excited to see him & continue this love story with my Best Friend.
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ohmygosh, it's almost like I'm reading my own story!! ^.^ Glad ya'll are "together" now. ;) heehee