I Love Him

I've been his best friend for four years, and pretty much the whole time, I've had feelings for him. Things started out interestingly enough...

There was this 'thing' happening between me and his best friend at the time. He also happened to like my best friend. We found it really cool and coincidental.  At one point though, we found ourselves talking to each other a lot and having so much fun. Things were bumpy between him and my best friend, and soon, there was nothing.

I had to comfort both of them. Things were also getting a bit sticky between me and his best friend.

We became so close that my best friend was jealous, and his best friend was too.

After a few months, I found out that he actually liked me, and he also found out that I liked him (through my best friend. she had my consent to tell him). Things died down though, and since then, we've pretty much been inseparable.

He's always been there when I needed him. He knows how to make me laugh and smile. He can read me way too easily, it's scary but funny. He can be so unpredictable. He's charming and cute.. I sometimes even felt like I was holding him down because he's popular, and well, I'm not. I'm honestly surprised why I haven't been attacked by all his fangirls. Haha. I've always been there for him and I've always shown my appreciation. I try my best to make him happy and help him through the rough times.

I love my best friend.

imhiding imhiding
18-21, F
Feb 26, 2009