Well it seems since Thanksgiving time this year, my boyfriend just kind of stopped talking to me. I think we talk we about three months straight constantly. You know one day I got on his Facebook and messaged everybody he knew. I got him fired from his job and I felt bad about it. I found he have child, but he didn't want to tell me because he thought he would loose me because I told him at first I do not want a guy that has a child because I always get the drama from the momma and don't need it, but that was judgmental of me to do that. He lives 24 hours from me. Well we were talking he told me he got out of relationship with his son's mom like last year and he is having a hard time getting over it. The mom should not ask his mom for money. She needs to get a job. The problem would be if he moved 24 hours away then how could he see his child and he told people that he was thinking about moving down her and the exgirlfriend's brother's fiance told me that then she blocked me. The exgirlfriend's mom and her brother was trying to ruin it for us. The brother made me cry because he said he blocked you because he is dating my sister and I called him crying and he said that is a lie. The brother said they live together and that is a lie too. Her brother told me his sister did not have a Facebook and that is a lie because I was looking right at it. Then he said look they are together and it said a June 12, 2013 and he admitted that he lied to me. The brother confessed and said they are done, but he said I hope he treats you better than he did my sister. My boyfriend told me she would run off and he would not know where she would go, but she would be with her family and meeting other people too. I talked to his friend that was a girl, she said they used to live with each other on and off, but they are done with each other, I bothered her to much, my boyfriend said she would call him, she said you were harassing her, I wanted to know the truth, she called him when he did not come see me the first time because he was nervous and I attacked her because she was bashing God, she was putting curse words in bible verses, I told him to delete her and he deleted her too. The mom said they were married, but she lied to me and blocks me. I went there to see him and it was for one night and he was drinking. We both felt like we were meant for each other. He stopped talking to me about four months. I moved in with a guy that beat me up, he beat me in the stomach, his daughters saw it all and I got a restraining order on him. My boyfriend now was emailing me sweet things while my boyfriend hated it, but I didn't know my abusive exboyfriend was cheating behind my back. My abusive exboyfriend was going behind my back telling women lets meet up alone, he told me he would do my cousin and he has treated every women he has been with like this because they told me. My now boyfriend text me saying that I listen to your voice messages because I miss talking to you. He would say I miss spending time with you. He has never been rude to me even when I was rude to him. I helped him get over his ex girlfriend, so he loves me for it. My boyfriend tried to call me this morning at 3:20 a.m., but I was sleeping hard core and messed it, but I tried to call back and he hung up on me. I would love him to move here because I know how much I would mean to him and he was thinking about it too. He wants me to move there. Pray for us to work. I will keep you updated. I will be writing stories later on here, so watch for me on here.
amazinggod amazinggod
51-55, F
Aug 15, 2014