My best friend is one of the most important people to me
And I like photography
Here's me not paying attention tonight yeh
sheylerr sheylerr
18-21, F
4 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Add me darling

Nice pic of you. Very tastefully done.

Hi Shey add me

Good to hear
I love photograph!!! Haha
Ur friend is pretty say hi to her for me :)
Nah just ignore me I'm kinda bored so I say random stuff

The picture is of me ?!?!? If your referring to that to say she's pretty

Haha yea both of u r beautiful~
Ur profile pic is pretty cool~

Lol okay? U don't know what she looks like but okay! She's gorg but yeh ok

Haha apologies...😬😅 mistaken

Aha okay

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