My Bff



So My best friend and I lived together in an apartment back home and it was the BEST time ever. He is just like me!  We would always joke around with eachother, We had Wii battles, we would even try to scare each other! He left in June to go into the Marine Corp which I was proud of him for going, but I was still in contact with him. He just went to Camp Lejune, NC last week which I was sooooo excited for because I moved to GA and its only about an 8 hour drive to go see my buddy!  Two days after he got to Camp Lejune, he was told he was going to Afghanistan at the end of the month! Now, I have had several friends go to Afghantistan and Iraq but I was always allowed to keep in contact with them. My BFF is not allowed any contact when he goes there!!!  I am soooooo sad because he seriously is my best friend! He would die for me and I would die for him. I am just so  bummed because I tell him everything and  now I have to go at least a year without a single word from him :(  I knew he would be sent out at somepoint but this is really affecting me. I am just so sad that I can't call him up whenever considering we talk at least once a day. Whats even worse is that I know it will affect him even more to not talk to me all the time!

queenmarie65 queenmarie65
22-25, F
Mar 16, 2009