In Love...

Hey. My story...hmmm. My friend Stephanie told me to write about Jay & I on here & it may help me. So, here I go...It's a pretty cliche story, actually. We met when I was 12 and he was 13. I didn't even notice him until my friends started talking about how cute that guy with blond hair was. The first conversation Jonathan and I had, he was giving me guy advice. We began talking during the 3 classes we had together, and eventually he got moved in every one of them for talking, haha. We should have known that we would end up being best friends. I fell in love with him as soon as we began really talking. Back then I was an excellent actress, so he had no clue I even thought of him that way. We didn't talk at all that summer, and he tracked me down the first day of 7th grade. We became best friends that year, which pissed off all of the cheerleaders, who couldn't figure out why the hottest guy in school  hung out with me, the "emo girl". He helped me through a lot of sucky relationships, & I helped him through one intense breakup. We talked & hung out all summer, almost everyday, and my emotions only got more intense. 8th grade started, all all that happened is that we got even closer. Many people confused us as dating earlier this year. I finally told him how I feel over Thanksgiving break. He doesn't feel the same for me, unfortunately. Now I have a loving boyfriend of 2 months, & he is dating a new girl for i don't know how long now. I love both my bf & my bff. Recently, we both went over to Steph's house, the only to invited to her "party". We went into the woods for a game of truth or dare, and a few things happened, nothing too bad, and my bf knows about it all, and I am left as confused as ever, & I told Jonathan all of this, & he said "that's a confusing situation, and I'm sorry." instead of his usual rockin' advice. UGH! Thanks for reading, & I hope you have more luck with the person you love than I am with him.

xsilentxscreamsx xsilentxscreamsx
Feb 17, 2010