I Love Her

Last year I told my bestfriend how I felt about her during Valentines Day. She told me that she just wanted to stay friends and I told her it was okay. This year she was my promdate and i told her again how i felt. She did'nt say she wanted to be just friends.All she said that she really appreciated how much I have done for her and that im the only guy that had the guts to tell her how I felt about her in person. A week after prom it was Valentines Day again. I wrote her a letter telling everything. Why I loved her and that i will always be there for her. The whole week she avoided me and it was getting awkward to be with each other. I confronted her and asked wahts wrong and if she was mad at me. She did'nt say she was mad. She told me that her parents wont allow her to have a boyfriend, she was very stressed at the moment, and that she already told me she just wanted to stay friend because she was afraid that we might destroy our friendship in the process. We started hanging out again like nothing happened....  Now I really can't stop thinking about her. We hangout almost everyday and everytime i see her the world gets better. I really wish we would be together and i know no matter what happens I will always love her and never let anything come between what we had. If ever we get together I know that she will be my bestfriend first. I Love You so much I wish you know how I felt right now.....

birdieman birdieman
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

u deserve the best, dear..i wish u get loved back by her.