My Two Most Favorite People In The World.

Little Nitro, Lucy, and Casper forever<3

Nitro actually is me though. We're one person which means we share a trumpet. She's a my ******* soul mate always has been always will. It started out with just a basic friendship, it was just a piece of paper with a few lines and scribbles on it but it is so much more than that now it has obsticals in it. When I first met her, we used to hang out at these people's house and they didn't like me. I think they felt like I was taking Nitro away from them. But see, they had to deal with me because I was Nitro's friend. But the thing is, they were like our puppets. I could just whisper something in Nitro's ear and she would tell them to do it. When we're old with gray hair and what not, there me and Nitro will be, going on old people pic-nics, feeding eachother triple c's and shooting up heroin. She got me smoking cigarettes, I got her doing cough medicine. She gave me lung cancer, and I gave her brain cancer<3 lI love lil Nitro and always shall.

And then there's Lucy little lucyyyyy me and her, her and me we make up amazing stories and we figure out everything that needs to be known. everything in the world. and when she's old and in the hospital with lung cancer, needing a cigarette, me and nitro will just burst right in the door way and give her what she needs because i'll give lucy anything she needs. We're also one, but in a different way than me and nitro. me and her, we get drunk and talk about naked mole rats and then call nitro up telling her she's the naked mole rat when she's naked. Lucy...she's my ******* mother. and we're going to make a movie where she's pushing me around the street in the shopping cart and she'll be wearing a sumbrerro and i'll be wearing big sunglasses and a leather jacket, like a little badass and we'll just be strolling around the street and walking up to random strangers, asking them questions and surveying them. me and lucy, we're going to do everything in the world.

I ******* love those two with all my little heart,.

starnostarr starnostarr
18-21, F
Mar 4, 2010