Love... Love.... Love...

I love all of my friends equally. And I have quite a few good ones too! They're all very kind and wonderful. I am happy to have met them all! And they'll always have a special place in my heart! :-D

But... I do have a best friend, a most favorite. I won't say who it is, as he knows who he is (I told him I would be writing this...). Anyhoo... he's a pervert, a brat, annoying half the time! =p

Sometimes he drives me up a wall and I'm grumbling to myself! XD

BUT... he is the most wonderful man that I have EVER met! He's very kind, patient, honest, open. He only wishes the best for me, with no ulterior motives, not that I can tell so far. I've known him for almost an year. I do get on his nerves sometimes... even though he denies it! But, he does get angry with me or my situations, from time to time. Only because he loves me. ^_-

And... he is the one that I tell all my secrets too, with little fear that all my information will wind up in Times Square, somewhere! XD

He was the one who gently encouraged me to quit smoking. I have officially been smoke-free for a month, as of today! Whoo-hoo! And I'm still going strong! He has taught me a lot, as in standing up for myself and not taking crap from others. He has boosted my self esteem and even when I fail in something, he doesn't laugh or make fun of me. He cheers me on to try again and to keep moving forward. When I am WRONG, as wrong as wrong can be, he tells me so! He doesn't mince words or watch me head into a bad direction, while snickering to himself saying, "Dumb *****!"... as I walk into a highway and get flatten... Nor does he adds insult to injury with saying, after the fact, "See, I could have told you that was the wrong move." >_o

Even when I get emotional and come to him with drama, he doesn't shut the door on me, asking me to return when I'm done crying. He also won't let me thank him for this, by purchasing his business cards, for appreciation of his true friendship! Instead, my computer needed ram (BADLY) and he told me to buy that instead... in fact he insisted on it! And wouldn't take "no" for an answer... but I'll get him next month! =p

I've never had a friend like this before. So, I feel lucky... yet scared at the same time. u_u

I do hope it will last until we are both old and gray! :-D

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Ha... okay... ;^_^<br />
*rolls eyes* >_>

He has motives. We men, are not to be trusted.