Gone From Stress Out To Relaxed :)

it was a Friday and i just got out of school and i was going to stop over to see my bff sis and say hi and see how everything was going she said it was crazy like always so i just went to get ready and go untill i ended up going to the store just to pick up some items. so after i pick up the items my family was calling me to go back home and i had this look like i wanted to stay and she notced that i was going into a nervous brake down and then she said that i need to relaxed so all of a sudden she bring out a radio and starts playing her classical music and i was laying down i guess i was tossing and turing and she saw that So after she go to the bathroom and starts me a Nice bath in my mind i was thinking ok i just jump in and out but no all of a sudden she bring me some cake and soda and Lights a candle and says to take off my clothes and relax and it was So wounderful she check on me and ask me for more soda and fix the radio No other friend in my life has ever made me fell so confertable in my life after that i sleep great that night got a free brakefast and went back to take care of my mother it was Just a great Day :)
lifeswindwounder lifeswindwounder
26-30, M
Nov 19, 2012