My Little Man

I grew up with a Bichon at my grandmothers house. He lived to be 16 years old and the year following his death was very sad mainly because he died over Christmas break. I decided to get another Bichon when I moved in with my Grandparents and looked on the AKC website for local breeders, I took a long drive to VA and got my little boy. I have learned alot from him so far our first bichon was completly white and came from the pound after being mistreated so he never learned how to play. My baby has apricot ears and loves to play all the time. They are both similar they both dance around when you would give them a treat and both make funny noises when they slept. I love Bichon's and my pup does the signature "bichon head tilt" there is no bad things to say about this breed, they are lapdogs and love you no matter what. My grandmothers was so attatched you never saw him anywhere but beside her even when she was in the shower he would pop the bedroom door open and sleep next to the tub.
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They are the best.