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I love my boobs and so do my gay male friends.  Several of them have asked to touch them.  Okay here is my thought, if I was a gay man why would I be fascinated with touching a female's breasts?  Someone tell me the answer to this.

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Men and women ask me to touch mine. And because I'm larger than average I get accused of having surgery to get them. At times its the only way to SHUT someone up about the truth of having real boobs.


everyone loves boobs! its the down below they aren't interested in :D

It is usually when I am out dancing. Usually no I don't let them touch me in that way. I have a little in the past but I would never disrespect my man by letting them do that today. Nope.

Well of course they want to touch, but I take it you're saying that straight guys as well as gay guys actually have the nerve to request to touch your upper private parts and that apparently, ummm.... you oblige them?

Guys want to touch my boobs often because they are quite in your face large, actually I get asked by women too sometimes. I think it is more about them seeing that they are real and not as much about erotic fantasy.

No, as I said my feelings for little Mary were romantic but not erotic.<br />
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I must comment further.<br />
"I noticed that the one I did let touch my boobs lingered a little longer than most lol."<br />
ROFL. Now males know to pretend to be gay if they ever meet Fungirlmmm. Unless the game is up now that I've pointed this out. When you say "lingered a little longer than most", most what? Most of your own guys? What a dreadful thought--that the ostensibly straight guys would be outdone by an ostensibly gay guy! I'm going to turn beet-red in the face on behalf of straight men!

That is why I wear ugly bras when I play in the sandbox lol.

He obviously has some significant latent heterosexuality. Everybody knows most lesbians are bisexual, though it's not politically correct to say that in public. I think most homosexual men are bisexuals with a same-sex preference.<br />
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Back to what I said about breast-enjoyment and heterosexuality, that's where my heterosexuality began! I knew I was wild about breasts before I knew sexual intercourse existed and before anybody even told me there was any such thing as a vagina. (Also, when I was 5 or so I discovered that I found femininity appealing in little Mary as we played in the apartment complex sandbox--romantic not erotic.) In my mind at least, breast-enthusiasm is very central and fundamental in male heterosexuality.

You know that was what my friends said when they saw him going into the dressing room with me. He actually picks out a lot of my clothes but I see him date men. I have HEARD him with his special man in the other bedroom late into the night so I know he is gay. He has never dated a woman as long as I have known him either so maybe he is a hetero male living in a gay marriage?

"Okay here is my thought, if I was a gay man why would I be fascinated with touching a female's breasts? Someone tell me the answer to this."<br />
They're not as gay as you think, fungirlmmm. A man enjoying touching breasts is by definition a manifestation of heterosexuality.


It is analogous to the 'penis-envy' of a lesbian, I suppose.

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Gay... boob touching... <br />
" Due to financial constraints, the light at the end of the tunnel has been extinguished."<br />
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lol<br />
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"I am GAY... may I touch?"<br />

lol... Gay men love the top half / but hate the bottom half of a woman's body.

Maybe they wish they had them..

Does a straight women not sometimes wonder what it would feel like to caress another woman's breast? or is that just my own fantasies coming into play?

Well, you know, he could be a gay dude who can only think about kissing and "doing" another man... but still want to know what us women feel like. Who knows... maybe if he got a taste of the real thing.... heh heh heh.

I thought that too but if you mention a woman he goes into his "ewww ewww" routine but all the women we worked with loved him and they were so jealous of the relationship we had. Hehe they would want me to fix them up with him. We used to laugh often together because he had this Marine tattoo on his upper arm (he was a former Marine) and all the girls would go ga ga and they would refer to him as a man's man. He would whisper to me, "if they only knew how much of a man's man I am lol."

Maybe he was bi....

Good thoughts y'all. I noticed that the one I did let touch my boobs lingered a little longer than most lol. I accused him of being straight lol.

Because breasts are beautiful... gay or straight.

Maybe because gay men want to be feminine? Also maybe because breasts are the ultimate fashion accessory to any outfit, and the gay men I know are all about image, and fashion. I don't know exactly why that would translate into them wanting them, wanting to touch them... maybe its not just men, or women, or gay or straight. Perhaps the entire world just loves breasts? People are powerless to resist them, their shape, the cleavage, how they move and feel. They are used in TV and Movies, Magazine covers and everywhere to sell everything. Consider Cosmo for example, why does that magazine always have cleavage on the cover, when its a magazine for other women? They have a universal appeal to all mankind. The physical and psychological comfort and arousal they can give. And now that I've said all of that.. I feel happy that I have them!