Big Boobs

I have beautiful big boobs...anyone want to enjoy and worship them?? Lol
slutgirlabouttown slutgirlabouttown
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25 Responses May 17, 2012

Where do I get in line?

Of course I do. I am an honest to goodness Dirty Old Man.

I am ready........

"...big **** wants 2 ******* ur Big *******..."

Yes I love big boobs! I wanna see. Please add me!

Yes, I do ! Pleaese add me.

add me please

welcome palms.

Yes I would love to.

would love to lol

im sure.. an i speak for all the guys here..we would all love to see them !!

YES!!! If only I can play with them for hours at a time. If you are one *** and done, I will pass. When I get hold of a pair of soft breasts, I want to squeeze, caress, slap, nibble, kiss tist, pull, push bitem for hours as you *** and *** and ***. But give me hours and hours and I would love to enjoy and worship your breasts.

If you have read my stories, you know that is my dream. :)

Please consider my offer to suck your breasts and spray my *** on you!

I think I would.

well will love to view and fondle

ooo hell yes i would love to enjoy them !!!! can i see ??

I want to see them and cover them with ***. I will do your ***** the same way.

Me please pick me!!!!

Well of course, virtually or actually, clothed or any other way. Worshipping and honoring a lady's great assets is any breast-man's pleasure. <br />
There is nothing better than fondling, caressing, licking, nibbling, and stimulating the ta-ta's to the point of arousal and climax.

I would worship, lick, tease, suck, bite and squeeze them. I'll even give them a coating if you'd let me.

Hmmm a coating is even better Yes please

yes. add me and message me?

I would love to suck and lick every inch of your big breasts.

I love big boobs, and women who love their big boobs

i do!