I Still Lust After My Beautiful Busty Auntie

I just feel that I have to get this story off my chest. I am almost 50, and I still lust after my beautiful BUSTY AUNTIE, even long after she has passed away. For a good part of my childhood she raised me, and when I reached puberty I started to become very attracted to her, especially her lovely large breasts. By this time I started ************ a lot, and many a time it was over her. I loved to catch a glimpse of her wonderful bountiful cleavage when she would bend down and I would sooo much want to feel and have her let me suckle on them.

In some ways she did encourage my naughty thoughts about her. When she would tuck me into bed at night, she would ask me if she could lay her head on my bare chest which I gladly agreed to. As she lay her head on my chest, I could feel her lovely bountiful breasts in my hand, and more than once I would take the liberty to have a little feel of them. One day though, as she lay her head on my chest, she could feel something and then noticed her naughty nephew being just a little too indiscreet with feeling her plentiful boobies.

HEYYYY!!!! Said Auntie. "You should not do that" wagging her finger at me but also smiling at her naughty nephew. I felt embarrassed, and from then on, when she lay her head on my chest, she would put her hands over her breasts to stop me feeling them. A little unfair don't you think Auntie??? Very teasing, and so I would usually **** over Auntie when she left, before I would go to sleep, and fantasize about her luscious big boobies in my mouth.

Another tease she did to me was once during the day after she got out of the shower. She came walking through the lounge room in just her towel. She noticed me just ogling her with my eyes, and said: "I am naked under this!!" and smiled and then walked away. No wonder I still **** over you Auntie, and when I do, I now say, "naughty auntie!!".

I would have loved to have just touched and suckled on her lovely boobies, and I think part of her wanted me to. But she was very religious and I imagine that stopped her from ever allowing it to go that far. As it is, I will never stopped fantasizing about her, and undoubtedly she is a major reason why I luvvvv big boobies. When I look at naughty pictures of lovely big breasted ladies, I usually can't help but think of her.

Well, this is my first story, and I am glad I have been able to share it with you.

All the breast!!!! :)
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beautiful - simply beautiful. thanks for sharing.