I Swear My Boobs Have Gotten Bigger Lately!

I have always had nice ****! They are round and perky. Just lovely looking breasts with nice erect nipples. (I have a few pics to prove it in my profile, if you want to take a peek)!

I've been a C cup for most of my life which is a good size considering I'm almost 5'4" tall and now weigh about 100 pounds. I'm a smaller girl so a C cup is just about perfect. Yet, I've lost some weight (like I said, now I'm down to 100 lbs) and I can't believe my bras hardly fit right now!

I went to Victoria's Secret and had a bra fitting and now I'm a solid D cup!
Who loses weight and their boobs grow?! I'm not complaining and neither is my boyfriend but I just find it to be odd! It is awesome though. :)

I love big boobs on thin women. Real or fake, I don't care. I think a woman with a nice body and a perfect rack is the sexiest thing to look at.
I honestly check out hot women with nice bodies and beautiful **** more often than my male friends and boyfriend!

I love when people compliment me on my big, sexy breasts and I do love to show them off. I guess I can be a bit of an attention ***** once in awhile. But, I think many people are the same way (even if they don't want to admit it).
I do love it when sexy women want to feel my breasts to see if they are real or not. I think it is such a turn on and a compliment to have another beautiful woman massage my bare breasts and admire them.

Of course, my **** get the most attention from men. Men are like programmed to stare at nice **** and that's fine with me. I have noticed that I have become much more comfortable lately when men want to feel me up to see if they are real and so does my boyfriend!
This past weekend, a couple of young guys were walking past my boyfriend and I while we were goofing around on the beach, the two guys were only a few short feet away and were bantering back and forth about their curiosity over my **** being real or not. My boyfriend thought he was oh so funny and ripped off my bikini top and grabbed my **** and shouted at the two guys that they are really amazing! He didn't answer the question, if they are real or not so he told the guy to find out and let him feel up my breasts! He firmly placed both of his hands on my breasts and massaged them just for a minute, saying "nice." The other guy just stood there, frozen. The whole situation was pretty funny but I am surprised that my jealous boyfriend wanted another guy to feel me up like that!
It did turn me on, I have to admit!
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Seeing is believing

Please add me so I can see your big **** :)

Can I see them?

add me please i love your story

What a cute little body you seem to have. I wonder what the boyfriend would let you do...

Friends on all of your stories?

I would love to see your ****. Please add me.

may I please see your awesome ****?

I'd enjoy the chance to find for myself if your boobs are real! I would settle however as you suggested to take a peek! Please add me!

Lol. Yes! I'll totally add you! Tell me what you think!


Love to see! Love your stories!

I luv your ****....but your beautiful face is what caught my attention!! Very sexy!!

You're very sweet! Thank you! ;)

A C cup on that frame has got to be beautiful!


I would love to see!

Nice story! I personally think that a natural breast of ANY size is better than one with by implants, but that's just me. Though I have seen SOME implants that are quite nice, for the most part, they don't move and bounce like natural ones, and for many of us men, the bounce is really what it's all about. Fake boobs might look nice in clothing, but when you are naked, it's easy to spot fakes, and they are not as fun to play with.Oh, and I would LOVE to see your photos, real or fake!

I love real and fake!!!

Oh, don't get me wrong... I enjoy fake boobs TOO.... I just like natural ones BETTER. When I squeeze a woman's breast as we make love, it is so much nicer to only feel her soft, natural tissue in my grip, and not a hard sac of saline or silicone. But if a woman has implants, I just alter my technique, and do less squeezing and more touching, stroking and licking... no problem, and she seems to be as happy with it as I am!

Well yeah. Everyone has their own preferences. Makes the world go round! :)

Thanks for that great story. It's amazing how how so many women dress really sexy and them get upset when men want to look. I don't see the harm in looking. I think more women should share your attitude. Face it, men will always be men. It's part of that 'Venus and Mars' thing.


I'd love to see what you're talking about. Please add me, so I can. :)

I'd love to get a chance to see your breasts--sounds like they're perfect!

You are a smart confident sexy lady ! You have a great body and beautiful big natural **** ! im sure they will be a source of attention and pleasure for years to *** ! wink ! in my humble opinion , natural **** beat fake **** anyday busty hot beauty ! growl !

I'll take your word for it :)

They got even better? They must be awesome ++++. There is nothing better than a skinny girl with a nice rack. I would love to see them for myself.

I would love to see them!

That is great. You sound perfect. Would love to be added to see the differences. :)

Add me so I can c

I'd love to see them. Please add me<br />

You look hot regardless of how big they are.

U have a nice pair!!

Add me. I will take a look.

Great story, would love to get and add, thanks!

What you are describing is not unusual :)<br />
<br />
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Very sexy, an you're SO right about great breasts on beautiful, thin women... Nothing better!

I'd love to see those pics

Added you!

Can't see them. Add?

I added you! Hope you see something you like!

I cannot stop playing with my ****! Lol! So weird, I know but they feel so big! They are perfectly round and firm yet so soft. I love the way they bounce a little when I run. I love the way they bounce up and down like crazy when my boyfriend is on top of me ******* I n g me really hard & he can't take his eyes off them!