Speak No Evil

I used to be able to tell him I love him, all the time. I would say it every day. Any time I did something bad, I would say I'm sorry, and we'd be best pals again! I love love love LOVE him! I'm sure you would too.
But now I can't tell him I love him. Because I have damage to my vocal chords. Permanent. I am muted, I can't talk. I am horrible at sign. And I type bad too.
So now I don't really have any way to tell him I love him. I can't sing with him, like we always used to. No more laughing at his crack jokes, or making jokes myself. Might as well die alone as an old cat lady. :'(
But I love him, and that's all that matters. :')
Emolia Emolia
18-21, F
Sep 4, 2012