I Don't Know What I Would Do With Out Her.

My sister is 10 years older than I and growing up, with the age difference we weren't that close, she was on her own at 16 with having her first child and then 2 years later her second, she grew up fast from this experience and left home and started her own life, the sad part was she married a abusive man who beat her. I still remember the bruises on her face, the holes in the wall, which I only found out was her head that went through it, finally she left him, but this time she had her family protecting her, I remember when he used to come and try to talk to her and her children would be hiding under the table and he would be at the door yelling at her, I had my leg propped up against the door not letting him in. I was scared but I wasn't letting him hurt my sister no more. Finally he stopped and gave her a divorce and left town. 1985 we lost our Brother tragically and she helped us and my Dad and Mom get through the horrible loss, she told my Mom & Dad, let me handle the arrangements and she did, with tears in her eyes, she did. She remarried and turned out he was a bum and a cheater, out the door he went. Although he left her in debt, she dug her way out and started her life with a new man, a very kind, gentle man. My mother was so happy, her girl finally found someone to treat her right, and sadly she passed away a year before my Sister got married. She took over the role of Mom, taking care of us like Mom used to do. Then we lost another brother. After going through all of the tragedy that my family went through, my Sister and I grew very close and with her moving back, brought us even closer, I was married and we were all happy, then one day she seen how mean my husband was, personally , told me to leave him now, of course I didn't. He went from Mr. Nice to Mr. Controlling and my Sister did everything to get me to leave. Finally I did and now I am staying with her, and her husband and my 2 youngest children. She came up to me and gave me a big hug, I knew you could do it. The years I missed out with her because of him, celebrating her wedding with her, through her husbands heart surgery, things I cannot make up for, but she knows I love her and she tells me she knows it wasn't my fault. We are closer now than we have ever been. Now I can make up for lost time. My Big Sister, she is the best big Sister anyone could ask for.
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You two are very lucky to be sisters :)

Thank You for the comment, we have learned from our experiences..and my sisters children have grown to be a good husband and a good wife. My Nephew loves his wife and children and teaches them not to hit, my Niece's Husband was made to take anger management for his temper and all is well and they are expecting their 1st child...I warned my older daughters to never let a man hit them or run their life....they see and learn from our experiences also. And also grew closer because of the loss we all shared, my girls are building a relationship with my sister, because they were not allowed before...I like to smile on everyone's faces and everyone happy and confident...