I Love My Binky! (and I'm An Adult!)

I'm 40, and I have a security blanket.
Not the same one from when I was small, but it's made out of a vellum blanket.
It must be vellum.
Some people play with their hair. Some people like the feeling of chenille.
I don't like these things.
I'm always in search for a new vellum blanket.
I have a backup one now.
I'm not sure what will happen when that one's gone.
They're quite difficult to find.

My closest friends know it. They don't care. They are, after all, my closest friends.
My dog's the one that's ruining it. He likes it, too. He fluffs it & likes how it feels on his face. My other dog doesn't care one way or the other. My husband doesn't get it. Nobody really gets it. But they respect it when they know.
That's always been good enough for me.
MidwestMelissa MidwestMelissa
41-45, F
Jul 21, 2010