Tria And Teuxey

Hallo all, although my partner and yself have rescue cats, we also have four fish (2 fantails, 1 goldfish and one pink and gold fish), 2 turtles ,  and 2 birds - they are budgerigars. I have named them Tria and Teuxey; we were not going to have birds but one day I was going to get  thebus and I saw two crows pecking something on the ground, well I went over and it was a budgie, so I picked it up and took it home. We put ads in the vets and in shop windows incase an owner was searching for her, then we got her a nice big cage with toys and everything, and as no one claimed her we kept her. Shes female, and is yellow, green and blue with black markings. I named her Tri(for tri colour) andput an a on the end to make it feminine (its pronounced Treea) shes really cute, especially when she comes out of her cage and gets into mischief.    We got Teuxxey because someone we know who breeds birds said she had this young on left that was weak and no one wanted to buy it, so shed prob have to kill it or something. So obviously we said we would take it. He gets on really well with Tria, they preen each other, and mess around playing. Hes a  lavender and yellow lacewing, not as outgoing as Tria, but very sweet. I named him Teuxey because hes the number two bird we have (his name is pronounced Twoey). So those are my little birdies.
pinkie5549 pinkie5549
61-65, F
Apr 7, 2011