Surprise Party!

This is what happened to me on my 12th birthday. My best friend rang me up and told me to come over her house. So I walked up to my friend’s house. I started to “knock”, no one answered. So I tried “banging” again nobody came to the door. Then I realised that maybe she wasn’t there. Then I tried to come in from the back gate. As I opened the gate and walked through to the other side. My friends came up and shout “surprise” I was shocked and happy at the same time.   After that my friends kept bragging on about how I looked as pale as a ghost it was hilarious but I just needed to here it once. I asked where are all my presents and they showed me this black bag (which I thought was rubbish). I was confused and annoyed. I started to talk in an angry way and then it turned into shouting. They were really disappointed because they planned this huge birthday and I was miserable.   It was time for my birthday cake and everyone said they forgot to get me one. I was devastated not only did they get me a bag of rubbish but also they forgot my cake. I thought to myself this was the worst birthday party ever.   Then it was time for truth and dare. When it was my turn I picked dare and they told me to start having a conversation with the chair. I did it and they all started laughing. Finally my friend told me that the cake was in the freezer. They all sang happy birthday to me and we all had a piece. When it was near the end of my party and everyone had to go home.   My friend slept over and finally she told me about all my presents. She said they were in the black bag I started to laugh. In the end I opened all my presents and then I thought I got to do this to her on her next birthday to see how I felt.
PinkPixie PinkPixie
18-21, F
Apr 2, 2007