I Love Mine Too

my black lab is called murphy,he is very dainty for a lab and everyone always thinks he is a puppy,he was the smallest of the litter and is so adorable.the wierd thing is we moved 20 miles to a new area and were looking for a puppy,then the people who bought our old house phoned about some post and during our chat i found out they had a friend down the road whose dog had just had puppies,so we ended up right back where we.d come from to get murphy,he is wonderful and my fav part of the day is when i am sitting on the settee drinking a cup of tea before work and he jumps up and curls up on my lap.its so hard to be on time for work tho !!! he can be so naughty tho.he has learnt to jump up and open door handles,my 20year old was not pleased to come home and find he.d gotten into her bedroom and eaten her valentines cake from her boyfriend,she has now put a lock on the door !! he just loves his walks and i love watching him haring off into the bushes,the funniest story was when he chased a rabbit,i think it must have been unwell as he actually caught up with it,and then he looked round at me with fear on his face as if to say help what now !!! he enjoys the thrill of the chase but wouldnt hurt anything and i think thats great,he has this funny habit of getting off the settee and getting bored half way through and so he just hangs there with his front legs on the floor and his back ones still on the settee,you have to see it to realise how funny it is,i could talk about him forever he is just adorable

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aaah !

I have a lab myself called rogue she was also the smallest of her litter wouldnt be without her really glad she never does anything naughty as the few times she has in the 9 years ive had her she wets herself great way to avoid getting told off if you ask me :P

thank you,its really lovely when people comment on your stories