It Is Hot!

Oh I didn't always feel like this! At the age of 22, which I feel is pretty early on compared to many people, I have found complete and utter admiration for my body. I work hard to keep in shape, but there are still imperfections like my slightly too large breasts, my slighty too pale skin, the funny teastain birthmark just on my hipbones or my slightly flat bum (no amount of squats or lunges in the world will give me a bum). However there are things I love too like my flat stomach that is a pure pride from the amount of work it has taken, the distance my powerful legs can run, my smooth skin. I know all these are maybe shallow and asthetic and one day they will fade but I am not too worried about that because it's not just the way it looks that I love. My body is an incredible tool and I know it better than anyone, it can give me extreme pleasure, comfort and support, it is the best friend I will ever have!

That is why I love my body!

Also my boobs are pretty nice I guess!
Frost789 Frost789
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2 Responses Dec 25, 2012

It sounds lovely! Such a tool, such potential. As with any tool, I hope you'll be safe with it.

I always stay around the "that'll do" stage for myself. I never want to go over 73~75 KG (1.9m tall, so pretty healthy). I only workout when I feel uncomfortable with how I look. When I do then I do small exercises often and go swimming. I generally do stretches though, I love being flexible and just sit in meditative positions. There's nothing like simple breathing and peaceful sitting!

You should be proud! So many people are unhappy with their body and you work so very hard and appreciate it! That's most admirable!