HUman Body Is the Greatest expression of Art

I think human silhouette it's art both mens and womens . But us womens we have a special charm , God made our bodies so beautifully ( that's why we drive mens crazy ) I'm latina and us latinas are know for having nice curves and it's not vanity but I think my body is beautiful. I like to watch myself in the mirror naked.  And watch the contortions of my body, my hips, my breasts I like to touch my skin and feel the softness it's almost a religious experience.Mens body is also beautiful, personaly I love mens neck , I know this is gonna sound weirdo but I LOVE kissing mens adams apple, feel their chest makes me wanna  put my head like they are a pillow and fall asleep. I love when i'm hug by a man, it feels so great  But anyway I love my body and I think everyone should love their silhouttes no matter their shape ;) VALUE YOUR BODY  its the greatest expression of art!

Secretpoem Secretpoem
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 4, 2007

where have you been hiding? yes a human body is a work of art,