Like I've said before, I used to hate my body (but that was growing up so ofc I did) you know that awful awkard stage in your early teens "where are my boobs?" All that jazz, the other kids used to call me anorexic and I used to DISPISE being so slim that I ate until I was almost sick =/ but  I still couldn't gain weight, high metabolism I suppose. But now I love how my body turned out, yes I'm still slim but I'm not like an ironing board ! When I'm getting dressed I do tend to look at myself and feel pleased, it's a good feeling. I just wish every person could learn to love themselves like they deserve, rather than end up with eating disorders being barely able to stand and stay alive, or eating themselves further into depression. It makes me sad =(

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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009


i agree with you. everyone is not supposed to look the same.

Yep, I had the same problem as a kid even until college, extra skinny, I ended up drinking cartons of high-calorie flavored creamer and almost burst my heart, trying to gain weight, but like you said, its all good now, funny how it worked out, huh?