They're So Big And Beautiful

Since I was a child I've been obsessed by heavy hanging mature breasts, and now I have them. After I gave birth, the hospital nurse assured me my nipples weren't too big to nurse the baby, they were perfect, just right for nursing. Mother Nature hardwired me to respond positively to just a few minutes of suckling, every boyfriend has quickly discovered. Pumping brings the same relief, but that's all. There's no substitute for the real thing.

drynurse drynurse
46-50, F
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Great...add me pls

Breastfeeding is amazing in many ways. Such a great way to bond with the opposite gender. Makes you stop and think and enjoy just what is going on. To be able to appreciate each other's company and a great start to sex or better yet a wonderful ending. Full milky breasts are about the most amazing thing this life has to offer. I just love how they look and what they mean.

I would have to agree, dear drynurse, that the real thing is definitely the best to insure you're getting all you can from the experience. I love what Daddy's forcing his little girl to become for him, and now at 38c, he's decided he wants the udders another 2x bigger for him. They're so swollen now, and yet haven't let down entirely, just drops yet. Hopefully, the addition of the goat's rue tincture will force them to finally give up the milk. I can hardly wait, and my Master is being patient as he can be as well.

My **** are swollen from being sucked and spanked.

Id love to give your breasts all the attention they desire

Id love to give your breasts all the attention they desire