Speeding Ticket Blockers

as much as i LOVE my boobs, there comes a time in my life where they just feel abnormally heavy, they just seem to get in the way of everything i do, and i start to imagine how wonderful it would be to have "smaller" breasts again (im talkin DD or DDD at the least). but just as these thought start to arise, a situation presents itself that makes me so glad i am extremely busty and makes me love them 10 times more! just today, these exact feeling came about. lately they have been feeling heavier than usual and i felt as they they were slowing me down and just not cooperating. but as i was driving home, at a faster pace than allowed ;) i was pulled over. and did i get a ticket? NO! did i get a warning? NO! even some kind of citation? NO! because of the amount of cleavage i was showing, as the cop got to my window, i instantly saw his eyes light up with joy! now just so you all know, i didnt pull down my shirt just to show them off. im always showing just the acceptable amount of cleavage that wont put me in the slutty category. but with my breasts being as big as they are, any amount of cleavage i show can turn a cop from serious mode to speechless in an instant. once he got his composure back, he let my boobs know that they were going 55 mph in a 40 mph and that next time they should watch their speed and to have a nice day. (i hope you understand what i mean in that last sentence). i believe this situation made me love them 100 times more :)
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wow very nice DDD. Like to see them

Add me plz

Axd me plz

Hahahaha! I love it. DD's are on the smaller side? Wow, that's the biggest I've ever seen, held, touched, sucked, etc...I may be missing out...

wowee! they must be some vision of spectacularness. please add me, i'm dying to see for myself.

I know I was speechless when I first saw you, and it was only a pic!

You make me speechless just from that tiny photograph, occupied by your pretty smile and your friends!

Very cool. I'd probably give you a nice verbal warning, anything to hang out and chat a bit to get a good long view :)

Cool. :<br />
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Wish i had something to ward off evil speeding tickets.

They are so hot

If you were driving through Fairfax in VA, I doubt even your bountiful bosom would let you off....well okay maybe they'd let you go with only a written warning ;-P

Wow. How funny and lucky. I wonder what he was thinking.<br />
<br />

I would searched you for concealed weapons :)

the only weapons i have are weapons of mass distraction haha

"but with my breasts being as big as they are, any amount of cleavage i show can turn a cop from serious mode to speechless in an instant"...You're plain hilarious - and very sexy!

Lol ! He must have been doing stuff in his patrol car which he shouldn;t have after !

lol thats great, mine aren't as big as yours but i have still been blessed, and i have gotten out of several situations with them

Any red blooded man in that situation would have done exactly the same thing. Huge breasts are just the most beautiful things.

CLEAVAGE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!

Damn i wish i had been that cop. You're ******* sexy.

too funny,i must have been i patrol car heaven after that

love that story -- hilarious

That's what I'm talking about. All these girls that hate their big breasts just don't know what to do with them or see the benefits. You can save money by not having to buy a car with air bags, you can help some poor elderly person with their floatation device while everyone else is putting theirs on because you already have yours on, and...you can get out of a speeding ticket. How great is that! Makes me wish I was a girl with big boobs!

Hmmm I think air bags would still be needed haha

God bless your chest.

Your breasts are a blessing. Abundance is divine! :)

Just be glad the police officer wasn't gay lol. They sound like they are nice.

That is great and I guess you have had several similar advantageous experiences with your enormous breasts. I am sure that I would stay speechless if I saw the slightest amount of your cleavage. As you told it your breasts are so enormous that the slightest amount of cleavage shows lot of your breasts. Thank you for sharing.