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I Love My Tities

I love my boobs i rub them everyday and i love my nipples when they stick out when im cold or turned on.... they are 40 E and i love watching my own boobs bouncing when im have sex mmm xxxxx
mamdo2 mamdo2 36-40, F 57 Responses Dec 17, 2012

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theres nothing more beautiful, than bouncing boobs

Thats so hot!!! Great that u love ur big boobs and love having them bounce!!!! Same here!!! Love my big **** bouncing during sex and i love making big black nipples hard.

I'd like to love them too. Am in London

Hi Wow!
Please add me as a friend. thank you

I love your breast too, add me , I'm a sucker for hard nipples

I like your breast too

40EE's! That is a great size for ***** *******!

Wow so hot. Please add me as a friend. Thank you

I hope u don't hug women in the cold! Lol

I hope you do! LOL!

Perfect size for a ***** ****

Can I suck them? :)

<<< & i'am betch you like them sucked Hard to don't you ??

They'll be bouncing up and down when I'm ******* you ;-)

in your face x

Thats hot!

Hmmmm yes please! As long as you don't mind me biting them!

suck and nibblr on them mmm until I ***

I'll have your body trembling as you *** ;-) x

I want to *** all over your **** x

Hmmmm I want you to do that too!

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As a red-blooded American male, I must confess I adore the sight of bouncing boobs when having sex.

I love hard nipples too!! I love my boobies soo much! Please add me;)

love how u tell u story

What a devoted and ardent follower of your own boobs ..Remember , their sensual attitude is dependent on the lover and his love massaging , loving kissing , sucking and licking ,, his numbing and loving that the boobs reflect and glow and wobble ..bouncing when they are happy ...swelling and hardening .

Love to see a nice set of hard nips stickn through a ladies top! Bet yours arf to die for. Love to see them.

You sound like you're a lot of fun!

i would love to kiss them and rub em and see them
love them

i would love to see a picture of them

wow do they bounce when you walk hun?

i would love to suck them for you

Really ?

i wish i could see them

What a lovely size. I would be honored if you add me, beautiful.

They do sound very nice

Wow love your stories!!!

I love them too, and love to suck them

That sounds Lovely I love to lick a womens nipp[e when they stand up.