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I Love My Tities

I love my boobs i rub them everyday and i love my nipples when they stick out when im cold or turned on.... they are 40 E and i love watching my own boobs bouncing when im have sex mmm xxxxx
mamdo2 mamdo2 36-40, F 65 Responses Dec 17, 2012

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You sound wonderful.

Wow who ever he is one damn lucky ****.

let me see them please?

Sounds perfect! Hope you also enjoy others watching you bounce, and maybe helping themselves every once in a while... ;)

🍆 40 E 🍈🍈👀

Wow amazing


I just seen that you love your boobs. If you do not mind may I please ask what size they are?

theres nothing more beautiful, than bouncing boobs

Thats so hot!!! Great that u love ur big boobs and love having them bounce!!!! Same here!!! Love my big **** bouncing during sex and i love making big black nipples hard.

I'd like to love them too. Am in London

Hi Wow!
Please add me as a friend. thank you

I love your breast too, add me , I'm a sucker for hard nipples

I like your breast too

40EE's! That is a great size for ***** *******!

Wow so hot. Please add me as a friend. Thank you

I hope u don't hug women in the cold! Lol

I hope you do! LOL!

Perfect size for a ***** ****

Can I suck them? :)

<<< & i'am betch you like them sucked Hard to don't you ??

They'll be bouncing up and down when I'm ******* you ;-)

in your face x

Thats hot!

Hmmmm yes please! As long as you don't mind me biting them!

suck and nibblr on them mmm until I ***

I'll have your body trembling as you *** ;-) x

I want to *** all over your **** x

Hmmmm I want you to do that too!

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As a red-blooded American male, I must confess I adore the sight of bouncing boobs when having sex.

I love hard nipples too!! I love my boobies soo much! Please add me;)

love how u tell u story

What a devoted and ardent follower of your own boobs ..Remember , their sensual attitude is dependent on the lover and his love massaging , loving kissing , sucking and licking ,, his numbing and loving that the boobs reflect and glow and wobble ..bouncing when they are happy ...swelling and hardening .

Love to see a nice set of hard nips stickn through a ladies top! Bet yours arf to die for. Love to see them.

You sound like you're a lot of fun!

i would love to kiss them and rub em and see them
love them

i would love to see a picture of them

wow do they bounce when you walk hun?

i would love to suck them for you

Really ?

i wish i could see them

What a lovely size. I would be honored if you add me, beautiful.

They do sound very nice

Wow love your stories!!!

I love them too, and love to suck them

That sounds Lovely I love to lick a womens nipp[e when they stand up.

I'd love to see them bouncing ;-)

Hmmm. Thanks for sharing!

That's cool, nothin like watching breasts bounce during sex :-) the bigger the more movement. If you got pic I'd like to see them.

They sound amazing. Add me please, I'd love to see your photos.

yes they are very beautiful

i think i like your boobs now

Add me as a friend. Love to see those hot tatas. Thnkz

You ought to make this your featured story... :)

show me your nipples baby ;)

maybe later babe x

40E? My goodness darlin' if you could only see. Im saluting those magnificent boobs in every way!

Sounds like we need to get the nip clamps out!! :D

There was a woman at work the other day that either had no bra or very thin one, hard nipples and she looked very sexy. Love that

Love to play with erect nipps as the springy action when pulled left or right.
gets me hard and erect while I play ....then suck them till they drip milk. tease them even when the girl cries out in pain.

I like them too!

im glad you like them i bet you like them bouncing up and down in your face x

Oh yea!

woohoo xxxxxx

i love them too...and you've got plenty to love...ty for sharing

I love your boobs too, specially when nipples are erect inviting me to lick them

yep keep licking them mmmm

I loooove seeing n bounced wen im nailing that pusy big. Boobs i try n make them slap there own for being naughty with me :)

mmm xx

Mmm indeed x

I love boobs, as a guy. I love kissing them sucking on the nips and feeling them. I have not seen yours but I am sure they are great! Thanks for the share and would love to see them some time.

Mine 44d and I love to rub mine 2 make me hot

yes i love rubbing mine

Love people who are comfortable in their own skin. Good for you mamdo2 and thank you for sharing.

They are very nice, and I am glad you like them. I am always sad when women have such sexy bodies and dont like them... I love them, all of them!

i love mine :) xx

I love them too! Thanks for showing them!

As well you should

Damn girl, I love that

lets do each other a play with mine and I will bounce your all the way ....around the world


They look like you could get a good bounce out of them :)

they are very bouncy xxx

pity you can't give me a demonstration