What A Difference They Have Made For Me!

For as long as I can remember I had dreamed of having curves that would make me look outside the way I felt inside. I wanted to be able to look sexy in a bikini or in a fitted top and yes I wanted to be able to turn heads. After several years of wishing I finally decided that I needed to fulfill this desire. I started to do my research on the various options open, talked to friends, and met with several surgeons that were recommended to me. After a number of consultations, I decided on the best path for me and made the appointment to have the work done. The surgery went very well and after recovery which wasn't at all that bad, I finally have my dream come true! I absolutely love my look and it has made such a big difference for me. I still wake every morning and love the way I feel and look. If I have one regret it would be that I sometimes wish I had gone to a 38C but I am happy being a 36D. I love being able to wear a bikini and low cut tops. My confidence zoomed and they have been a godsend in the boudoir! I know it might sound a bit vain, but for me it really was the right choice.
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4 Responses Jan 13, 2013

You look FANTASTIC.....Mine are 44B's....they just started growing around puberty. Hated them as a kid growing up, but then n my 20's I started to love them. I use to wear large oversized shirts or sweatshirts to hide them, but now I just wear want I want......

I grew mine to B cup, but some now are asking me to start growing again to seee if we can get to a C

wow nice I have naturall 44dd's. I use to be very heavy i lost it but didn't loss the **** and I love my ****

By the way you look I would say you made a very good choice