Me Too

I love my breasts.  They took a while to get here, but now that I have them I must say how much I truly appreciate them.  They are heavy, and sometimes command too much attention, but I don't really mind.   And any girl who has ever gone to the bars in a v neck, or tight sweater in a college town will tell you that free drinks are easy to come by. I am my own person, but I would be different without them.  They suit me, they are something I wished for and I'm so glad to have them.

Sweaterbunnies Sweaterbunnies
22-25, F
7 Responses Feb 14, 2010

how they grew up so round and milky yumm luv them

i luv urs i wish mine cud also b as urs currently i've 36B luv urs

You look soo good with your sweater bunnies:)

I will start using that term now.. sweater bunnies.. what a great way to call them. I say if you lug them around all the time.. then there is no reason to capitalize on them. You worked for it.. lol

sb I love them as well

NYGirl.. looks like you have your own!

Very nice I love them too!