Happy Birthday My Dixie Babygirl

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year my beautiful baby Dixie girl.  Today
would have been your 14th birthday, a day in which I hoped you would
see, and one in which we could celebrate together.  But I knew deep
down inside that this day would never come for you.  Your tumor had
grown so large, it couldn't be removed, and it was just a matter of
time for it to cause the problems that it did.

When Holly and I rushed you to the vets that day, it was a very sad
and lonely day for us.  I think you knew what was about to happen.
You always were such a smart girly girl.  I did not want it to end
that way, but I had no other choice, and I think you knew that too.  I
wish now that I had not been so angry, I hope you didn't think I was
angry at you, because I wasn't girl.  I was angry at myself because I
knew I couldn't save your life.  And it saddens me so much to hav
been so helpless, when you needed me the most.  I wish I could have
said goodbye differently, but I could not.

As I held your head in my hands with you looking into my eyes, I hope
you saw how much I loved you and how much you would be missed.  As I
looked into your beautiful brown eyes threw my tears, I felt all the
years of your love, your caring, and your compassion instantly become
part of me.  We were always deeply connected girl. Then.  Now.


And as I wiped away my tears, you were gone…

You are my heart dog Dixie, and you always will be.

I'm going to bed now girl.  I'll dream of you again tonight, I promise.


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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Beautiful Breed

Very well said. I lost my babe boxer girl to cancer 9 months ago. I know what it feels like. <br />
They say that dogs don't go to heaven...but when I die I want to go to a place they go.