If He Does Love Me The Same Way I Do

I love him a lot, he is sweet, lovable, caring. He is just my every dream. And if this love wasn't ment to be I just want to let him now how great he was to me...
AngelsReflection AngelsReflection
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8 Responses Feb 7, 2010

huppie! *bows*

(laughs) lol

I LIVE!!! *dances* yey!!!! *trips* *falls on face* but still, i'm very happy for you

He is a sweetheart :) Truly. I wish I could be with him, and I hope this love lasts

O.o Oh noes! * pokes cheek*

DONT LAUGH AT ME.... *snicker* teehee *rolls on ground* HAHAHAHA <br />
<br />
*dies* DX

(laughs) OMG Lol XD

:D aaw so cute! *snaps picture and puts it in heart picturefr<x>ame then drops off at the.. achem... special someone's door* :D teehee *runs of giggling* *trips* *gets up* *runs aways crying*