My One & Only

Where it started:  

I met my boyfriend on March 16th, 2006. We started Dating on St. Patricks Day. (March 17th, 2006)... Everything was wonderful... and although we fought from about day 3... we were rarely fighting over anything worth an argument.

Where it went wrong:

We dated until around April 2007, when I cheated on him, and later broke up with him. My best friend @ the time, Cassie, had invited him over to "hang out" with her and her roomates, and they started dating within days of our break up. I know he loved me very very much, and I hurt him so much, so I understand her being a rebound. But then he told her that he loved her within days of them being together. My world was so crushed. Before they told me they were dating, I invited her to come over and swim @ my place, and she did... I saw his clothes in her car. She told me it was because she'd taken him to work. Then my cousin had called me & told me they'd come over and something was up with them, and she thought they were dating. The next day she sent me a txt and told me she was seeing him. The horrible part is, the day I called him and told him I missed him & wanted him back, he told me too bad, because he was ******* someone else. I immediately called her & she came over to comfort me. She assured me he was probably lying because he wanted to make me feel bad for breaking up with me. About a month later she moved to Oregon, and we started talking again.  I tried getting back with him several times, but each time I just couldn't get over the fact that he had dated my best friend AND told her that he loved her. I figured if he really loved me THAT much he would never have been able to just move on so quickly.

When the love came back:

 A couple months went by, and we started talking again... The feelings I never thought that I would feel again, suddenly I felt them coming back... He's such an amazing person, but because I'd been hurt by him so much for doing something to me that hit so close to home... for so long I just couldn't look at him the same way. I went on a "sexcapade" and had sex with any guy that came up to me at a bar... He still took me back after all of that, but even to this day it's hard to deal with the fact that he said I LOVE YOU to her.  But I love him SO much. And i'm willing to give it my all, because he is worth all of that and more. Now we're back together, and have been for a couple of months. (We were only apart for about 3 months, maybe 4...) I'm so excited that he has given me another chance, and I know he's glad I'm back with him. I know how much he loves me, no matter what he said to that SKANKY HO. I can tell by the way he looks at me that he's grateful for every moment he has with me and I feel the same way... So although we've hit some rough patches along the way... I can't wait to marry him & have his children. I want to grow old with his goofy ***, and from the bottom of my heart I know he wants the same. He's amazing, and beautiful, and smart and fun... He's everything I could ask for in a man. Even my friends tell me he's a keeper, and that they can feel the love between us when they're around. I'm bitchy, and i pick at little things, but lately, being around my sister & best friends boyfriends, I realize just how lucky I am. He doesn't run off the bars all the time, (and if he did, he'd want me to go too), he doesn't disrespect me, he never ever says mean things to me, and he's just wonderful! He might not be perfect, but if he can put up with my ****, he sure is close! :)

Lesson Learned:

I ****** up once. So did he. But he would have never ****** up if it weren't for me leaving him. I told him I'd cheated the day after I did it. (I didn't even have sex with the other guy...but almost everything else)... He still wanted to be with me. He still went and bought my engagement ring the same day I told him. And I let him go... And now that I've got him back, thats a mistake i'll NEVER make again.

Rick, if for some reason you're EVER reading this, which I doubt... I know it goes without saying, but I love you so very much. I can't wait to marry you and spend every day of my life loving you! <3

xMellyx xMellyx
22-25, F
7 Responses Nov 30, 2007

Did u forget the fact all this started Because YOU cheated like what the **** two are ********! she wasn't complaining, just saying she loves him now. Stop judging people! two are ********! she wasn't complaining, just saying she loves him now. Stop judging people! two are ********! she wasn't complaining, just saying she loves him now. Stop judging people! two are ********! she wasn't complaining, just saying she loves him now. Stop judging people!

So, you cheated on him, and now YOU'RE complaining about him to us? AND... you're complaining about your best friend Cassie too? He was single, you broke up with him, so he can date anyone he likes. You're nothing but a complaining ****.

Hypocrite. After you cheated on him and broke up with him, you chuck the ***** because he was upset so moved on to a girl who would take him.<br />
You're nothing but a ****.