My First and Forever Love

I met my boyfriend from work. I have never dated before. I was 19 when I met him. All along, I questioned why I have never dated before, now I know. I was waiting for HIM!!! He is soooo sweet. He would text me long cute adorable text. Everytime we say goodbye, the very next second he will text me saying he loves me. He gives me everything I want. To be honest, I am not a very easy person to be with(well, now I know). There are times when I would want his full attention on me but he is busy or tired. We would argue about how I feel he doesn't care about me. He always admits it's his fault though it's just me being immature. There's an eight year gap between us. Him having gone through lots of life experience is really coming in to play in our relationship. He is very tolerant with me. He understands what I'm going through. Though it does not give me the right to act immature and irrational with him. But I'm learning, growing up as everyday pass by. If it was any other guy(by that, I mean younger guy), they would have dumped me a long time ago. 

I gave my virginity to him one month into our relationship. I am so comfortable with him. Now, our sex life is crazier than ever. We love each other very much. We are even already talking about getting married and having kids. He has the names all ready. 

What can I say? I love my boyfriend so much it's unreal.

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4 Responses Feb 19, 2009

I would love to know how all of this ended up- whether or not the two of you married or broke up. too have my first and forever love too have my first and forever love too have my first and forever love