I Love Him To Death!!! Because........

He is so sweet!!!heart

I love him so much, he would do anything for me, he loves me as much as I love him.
I could never imagine my life without him, he is so good, I could even say he is perfect, he is so kind, he makes me so happy he cares so much about me and my family, he is so cute, he always shows m how much he loves me and takes so much care of me, I know he would never lay me down, he is so honest, he loves me just the way I am and he helps me to overcome my defects, he supports me in everything I want to do, I´m always his first priority.

He is so fun, he always knows how to make me feel special and when I feel down he would turn the world upside down to make me smile, he is the most amazing person I ever met, even his clumpsiness it´s cute.

He is so special, and plus he is handsome!!

I wouldn´t change him for anything in the world, I even think I must have down something incredibly good in a past life, to have him in this one, I have been ad to him somtimes, and I have proven him a LOT because sometimes feels too good to be real, he always pass.

He is the most incredible guy in the whole universe I love him to death.


xAmyx xAmyx
18-21, F
Jul 9, 2010