My Lovely Man:)


mmhm thats the boy who my heart belongs to.
he makes me smile, even when i don't want too
he makes me melt with his touch, so loving
he makes me laugh, without even saying anything
knows how to love me
knows how to be the man i want in my life
shows me how to live to the fullest and not to worry
shows me he cares, even if they are in odd ways
althought im not the prettiest girl, he still loves me
and im deff not the smartest he loves me anyway
im not the greatest girlfriend, but he loves me as if i was
my boyfriend is my dream come true,
my knight in shinning armor
my hero and my true love
and i will always love him <3
gentlyyours gentlyyours
18-21, F
1 Response May 15, 2012

Wow. That's beautiful. And so similiar to the guy im dating. I'm so proud to have him by my side. Im 14 and yes, 'just starting my life' but i'd feel lost if he wasn't in every fr<x>ame of my life. He drives my crazy and i'm mad for him and i lie to my parents and i feel like **** but somehow he makes up for all that. I wish you all the best and sorry, i'm just oozing with love :p