I just love my Mikey to pieces. He's so understanding, loving, caring, funny, and just so amazing. I feel like we're made for each other. We have so much in common, and love each other so much. Mikey if you see this, I love you Ñovio. More than you could ever know. With his permission, I've included an old photo that looks very similar to him today. So don't you Boys be stealing mine, okay? :)
Lemmebe Lemmebe
16-17, M
2 Responses Aug 17, 2014

So your the one my brother been talking about having a boyfriend that love so much. Well I hope you guys be good to each other.

You're just a kid with an online boyfriend. Calm down! Be happy but... be careful with your heart.

I know. We've agreed to take it slow and see what happens. The future is undecided so we are just enjoying right now

:) i luv u soooooooo much mi amor i hop u hav a gud nit sleep.. ithenk ishuld of rit this in pm.. i wil finish this in pm lol