And That's How We Started

I knew my bf when I went to a new school actually I didn't notice his presence at first I couldn't even remember his face later on he started talking to my best friend and react with her we all felt that he likes her but he said nothing and she also knew nothing about it at this time I used to love somebody else in the school and we dated then broke up even b4 we complete a month together also my frend got a bf so my recent bf stepped away from her I know that he used to hate me but he was nothing for me then. after my break up I started to get closer to him I started to know him better, 3 months later he became my best frend we spent all our school time together everybody noticed our closeness, rumors started to spread out even my frends were asked if he is my bf but this thought wasn't even on my mind. Every moment passed with him was the best in my day I started to feel smth diffrent from these I used to felt about him but I kept it inside me I was getting jelous every time he talks with a girl infront of me especially a blonde girl i felt that she wants him but I can't even say a word about it.every time i got jelous I treat him aggresivley or make him jelous too and leave him mad at me.At the last day of school that year we went all out and just before me heading home he crampled a paper inside my hand and told me not to open it till I'm home I did what he asked and found a big L in the paper and the word look out written in a tiny font I got a little disappointed till IRealized that its a secret msg when i opened my fb i found a msg from him saying(I didn't mean look out I meant something you'll know when I see you )and we prepared a date and then he told me I Love you so much since we became close frends it was the best day ever.My Bf is sweet and kind and a real man but every relationship has its issuesand details ;) and thats what I'm gonna share with u nxt time xx
LeoGirl8 LeoGirl8
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013