We Rekindled It All

My story is kind of funny.
We met in 2003, i was 13 (turning 14) and he was 15 (turning 16). He was transfered to my school. Everyone knew me as the girl who would date all the new guys. And when he entered out class, i just knew i had to have him. He had a couple of hicky's in his neck but that did not bother me. In that same week we hooked up in class and he gave me a hicky aswell. When i got home i tried everything just to cover it so that my family wouldnt see. My mom eventually found out and told me to stay way from him. As i normal teenage girl, i disobeyed her and we went on with our relationship. He was not allowed in my house. So, heres the funny part, My other guy friend and i decided that we would tell my mother that my boyfriend had a identical twin brother bradly, and we would tell her that he was the one who gave me a hickey, so that my real boyfriend, Kyle, would be allowed to come around. LOL our plan worked like a bomb. That was in january. In june (school holidays) he moved away wothout telling me. He just left. I was devasted. All i got from him was a voicemail saying that he had to leave and that he loves me very much. That holiday, i couldnt stop feeling sorry for myself. The only person which i loved has let me down. Anyway, life went on. I went on dating other guys. And after 5 years of not seeing him with a blink of an eye. He came to visit me and say hi because he was in the area. And guess what, i wasnt home. I was with my then boyfriend at that time. When i got home i suprised to hear my mom telling me that he was here. She jot down his number so i called him straight away. We spoke for a few minutes. I was actually starting to feel something for him again. Then a few days later he told me that he has a girlfriend which he has been dating for 3 years. And i refused to keep in contact with him again. Then he told me that he would come visit me. That day my mom took us to the beach and we hooked up. Afew days later he broke up with his girlfriend because she cheated on him, not that he didnt do the same, lol, but today, after 2 years of being with him, i couldnt be more happier, beside my pregnancy situation which u can read in that group.
I love him to death and i wouldnt wanna see him drift apart from me again. Sometimes we talk about our school days and about bradly, lol, we only told my mom a few months ago, after 5 years of thinking that kyle has a twin brother bradly, does not even exist. We all just laugh about it.

I love you honey
tracili tracili
22-25, F
Aug 3, 2010