My Boyfriend Is My Man

mmm I love my boyfriend. I'd like him to be my last! It was amazing we even met at all, living on the opposite sides of town, and our situations. That was a lot of fate.

Many, many things I love about him, and why. Kind and gracious to other people, he gives much away and I know he likes helping others w/o expecting anything back (can't hide that from me.) I know the shrewd businessman front is just an act. My very handsome boyfriend, my teddy bear baby, stubborn, controlling, and loud mouth freak! I know about your past and it only makes me love you more. Your beautiful, expressive eyes keep me in a trance, you are such a man.

Some of the things you say to me leave me speechless. You laugh. How do you do that to me? None of my old ways phase you. You have me in your spell, how can you be under mine? Today you whispered to me that you would never leave me. I could love you forever...
SignedLove SignedLove
41-45, F
2 Responses Aug 4, 2010


I love your story. I have a similar man in m y life. We are both blessed.