Trusting Him Again

i love my boyfriend but lots of ppl ask me why did i chose to go back with him. i could say so many reasons why i did but the main one was i knew that he was the one for me. so many adults will say what do i know about love well i know what it is and its not puppy love at all.

the day i figured out how much i really loved him was the day i became happy. we was apart for a month because the first time it just didn't work out at all. he got with this other girl and i felt mad about it and didn't like it at all.i wanted to say and ask him how did he move on so fast when i didn't. so many times i said i did but really i was still in love with him in over such a little amount of time. he acted as if nothing had really happened between us when it did. he said it was my fault that we didn't get back together the first to times he asked. it wasn't that i just guess i didn't know how much i wanted him back.

in my mind i was thinking i didn't break up with you and everything was going ok. then out of no where we broke up.but i stayed strong and keep acting like i was ok and nothing was wrong when really there was. the only ppl who saw it was my friends. they stayed by my side through it all. the hurt and pain i felt the anger that i wanted to lash out him to cover the fact that i stilled loved him. never did i think the month of my birthday we would talk like we used to then decided to get back together.

one day i gained enough bravery to ask him why did we break up and why was he so angry and cruel after wards. thats when he finally gave up his fight and admitted he was still in love me and since i never decided to take him back he was trying to make it like he didn't love me when really he still did. i felt mad because he took it out of my hands and didn't let me tell him how i felt. i told him that i did still love him and never stopped but you took it out of my hands the day you stopped trusting what you and me had from the start.

we talked about how we stilled loved each other and that he really didn't have feelings for that other girl. it was my turn to tell him how much i love him and never wanted to give our love up maybe it was always the thought that one of us my hurt the other that scared us. but from that day on we been going strong and our love grew.

so why did i decided to go back to him and give us another fighting chance because in my heart i knew i loved him with every part of me. we have something strong that most ppl our age don't have.the love of two strong ppl who had a hard time trusting their heart to others because they was hurt so many times. so i thank god everyday i have with him knowing that he could be taking away from me or the other way around. so all theses others who want us might just see that maybe one day they will have what we have together. and i wish them luck  

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2 Responses Jan 7, 2008

Well me n him are over now im glad i moved on from him. i'm engaged now but we are waiting till i go to college or finish school untill we get married.

I am glad that things have worked out. It doesn't matter how old you are because everyone can experience love that is what makes people so great. I believe that if love didn't happen when we were young then when we got older we would choose the first person that we thought that we loved and marry them and live a very boring and unhappy life. <br />
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It is good that you have found the one that makes you happy because everyone needs someone to love. Good for you.