100 Reasons

I was thinking about my list of 100 Reasons To Live and I thought I could probably name 100 reasons I love my bf. We've been together about a year and we live together so, though this may take more than a couple edits I think I can definitely do it.

100 Reasons

  • He can fix nearly everything that's wrong w/ a car.
  • His smell.
  • The way he loves his son.
  • The way he still takes care of his mom even though she drives him batty. (She'd drive a nun to cuss.)
  • He hardly snores at all.
  • He gets me to try new things. (I would like to take this moment to thank him for introducing me to sushi.)
  • He always, always tells me he thinks I'm beautiful and sexy.
  • He encourages me to run.
  • He encourages me to have my vegetarian days & to stick w/ it.
  • He texts me "I Love You" just to do it.
  • He's pretty bad*ss on the grill.
  • He "makes" me be social.
  • He doesn't watch football, NASCAR or anything like that that would make me want to scream.
  • He does watch car shows but that benefits me as well...you know, w/ the whole he can fix nearly anything thing. :)
  • The day after I had a horrible, horrible  panic attack he encouraged me to stay home & nap...he stayed home w/ me and that helped me more than I could ever tell him.
  • He uses the number Eleventy-Four (11dy4) and it always tickles me.
  • His sweet tooth.
  • His stubbornness (that's a love/hate thing ).
  • The way he loves the dogs that I brought to the relationship. I can honestly say that they are OUR dogs now.
  • His tattoos. They.Are.SEXY!
  • The way he kisses.
  • The way he reaches for me in his sleep.
  • His baby blues.
  • That he colors his hair.
  • That he swears those are blonde hairs growing when we all really know otherwise...
  • The way he loves women. He just can't help himself. And the funny thing is, at least to me, I trust him. I really believe he is faithful to me.
  • He is selfish of my time. I utterly adore that.
  • His need to have at least 60 hours on the DVR at all times. What is WITH that? lol
  • His willingness to let me be by myself more than he probably considers normal.
  • He is not disturbed by my little dark moments.
  • His cleanliness (which encourages my cleanliness).
  • His goofiness. He wouldn't say he is goofy. But he totally has his moments.
  • When he says, "WHATEVER." He says it really quick in the petulant voice &  it always elicits a giggle.
  • The way he says, "Lydia, transform!" then makes Transformer noises. hahahaha!
  • His drive.
  • He works two jobs to help support us.
  • His shoe fetish (as in he loves to buy shoes not lick my high heels).
  • That he hates feet as much as I do.
  • His utter lack of interest in what people think of him (95% of the time. I can't say all the time bc he asks me which shoes he should wear w/ that shirt. lol).
  • When it's just between the two of us he gets over spats quickly.
  • He likes to be w/ me...like he wants me to come sit & talk to him while he trims his face hair or wants me to come shower w/ him after work...
  • The way he wakes me up in the mornings. He comes in the bedroom and snuggles me awake w/ the doggies. I can't imagine a nicer way to wake up.
  • He compliments me cooking.
  • His desire to travel.
  • His love of shiny things. He would never word it that way but he does like shiny. lol
  • The way he does things for me w/o question.
  • The way he teases me, even when it ticks me off.
  • Sometimes when we are hanging around watching a movie he'll come over to the couch where I'm laying & lay w/ me and kiss on me.
  • He helps me pick what to do w/ my hair. (like new color or cut)
  • He makes kissy noises at me. That sounds a little derogatory but it is a sweet thing for us. He does it when I'm up doing stuff so it's sort of like a, "I know you are doing stuff, I love you" thing or he does it when he wants a kiss.
  • He calls me toots. I hope you don't pronounce that like poot. haha He says it like "Hi ya toots."
  • He is supportive of my rules regarding his son. That's a whole other thing that I'm not explaining here.
  • He is a loyal friend.
  • He calls me everyday at lunch & on his way to his second job.
  • He emails me on his breaks.
  • He can talk to anyone.
  • He knows when to buy flowers & actually bought me the type of rose that I had mentioned way before my birthday.
  • So, in other words he pays attention...sometimes. :)
  • I kept asking him to pick out a perfume that he likes so I can get some. I wanted it to be unique to me. (I'm just a big smell person) For Christmas he bought me some that he picked out. He smelled perfume in the store for half an hour.
  • He's cute when he sleeps.
  • Even when he's been a complete A*S & I've flayed him w/ my words he still pet my head before he fell asleep.
  • He has put up w/ some serious crap lately. I've been absolutely crazy and he's still here. The other night he looked at me and said, "I'm glad you aren't crazy tonight, baby." All I could do was laugh and say, "Me, too."
  • He surprises me w/ a strawberry Fanta after he got off work early today.
  • He shamelessly watches old Elvis movies
  • He's doing everything he can financially so I can repaint his house when we move in in May after his xxwife leaves.
  • He's going to put up a fence for the dogs
  • He only sighs loud once when I want to go in Sephora
  • He always drives
  • He's a fun drunk
  • He's hopeful
  • He doesn't bow to stress easily
  • This is going to sound shallow maybe. It doesn't sound really good, but he paid off two of my credit cards. There was one under $500 and another under $1500. I know that's not much comparatively but it still meant all the world to me.
  • He loves to eat just like me
  • He's adventurous
  • He lives this life
  • He watched Juno bc I begged him to & he ended up chuckling more than twice & he liked the movie to which I say, "HA! I TOLD YOU SO!" and "Thank you for branching out."
  • He started encouraging to work out again & he's doing not bc of how I look but bc he knows I'm happier when I work out. I am blessed.
  • He always, always asks before he deletes Leno in case some weird band has played that's something he's never heard of but is one of my favorites. :)





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    42 Responses Jan 8, 2008

    Damit who is this? Aren't you Jai? A MAN?? I'm pissed....Are you a Woman!! I wanna know I have shared myself with you? I thought we were close! Who are you?? I have tons of Pics of you?? Or who I think is You??

    I Don't know you! I'm so sick of FAKE PEOPLE!! I thought you were a MAN!! We have known each other awhile are you telling me your a ******* WOMAN?? ARE you JAI OR NOT??

    THIS IS A LOVE LETTER TO A MAN?? I don't get this at all....I'm n shock and I want some answers!! I tried to PM you but I can't!

    Wait a Min this post is Jan 2008! What's going on here?

    are you a woman ???

    You gota keeper! Thank you for sharing your wonderful Relationship.

    He had me fooled. We were talking everyday then poof gone. I am so tired of guys like this. I thought he was a real friend. What a fake.

    So what are you an adult lesbian, a gay man with a boyfriend you love or are you a young girl

    He was married to another woman and doing all of this? Okay, is he divorced now? Guess we'll never know. I'm guessing it's a big "NO". Account has been deleted.

    That sounds like such a great guy. I need to find a man just like him

    i liked your list 100 reasons.

    Just noticed the date...are you still with him?...your 100 things were so sweet...

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    He had to take that time to cast his memories away. To clear his mind and start anew!

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    awwwwww they are so cute together

    that's nice :-)

    That was so sweet :)

    does this guy have a account on here?? no i am not interested

    Did no one else notice that she said he had a wife that he had not left yet! curious now to know if he has left the wife by now! cos it is some time since this was written!!

    Yes. I noticed. I hope his sweetness remains....not to be negative, but one year is early...

    praying for you guys...

    Love this, best wishes to you! :D

    You're both lucky to have each other

    He shounds like a beautiul man, a loving caring individual that deserves all that he gives twice back,<br />
    he seems to be a jewel around all the carp that surrounds us. I would think making love with him is heaven if not close to it...

    Now I want to do something like this lol. Very nice.

    this is so sweet<3

    This sounds a lot like me and my girl :) very touching! I wish my girl had the courage to do something liek that for me lol but shes shy so i just let her be herself :)

    i wish my boyfriend would be like that.....

    i bit you can list 100 reasons to hate him !!!!!! lol

    Excellent. Sounds like you got a wonderful guy there, Now, is he willing to relinquish the remote?

    Love Flirting girlfriend boyfriend<br />
    Feels so good<br />

    my name is yaneli<br />
    my boy friends name is jose posada<br />
    i love him sooo muchh<br />
    my bf isssss.......<br />
    cute<br />
    funny<br />
    loving<br />
    good dancer<br />
    tells me in pretty,beatiful<br />
    he is playful<br />
    he is smart<br />
    his is mexican and salvadorian<br />
    he loves me alot<br />
    his very jelous(only becuz he loves me)<br />
    he is good at foot ball<br />
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    he doesnt smoke<br />
    he holds me infront of friends<br />
    kisses me all the time <br />
    he gots big cheeks<br />
    a cute face<br />
    he has a mashtash<br />
    wonderful smile<br />
    cute laugh<br />
    my man<br />
    kisses me every night<br />
    he blesses me everynight<br />
    hes a good driver<br />
    a hard worker<br />
    and theres alot more but i love my boyfriend<br />
    so mucchh im 16 i been with him since 10-15-08<br />
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    Wow he sounds great. Dont let anything screw up your relationship bc I have a great man who I've been with for two and a half years and we r letting little things bother us and it's not going well. So don't lose him. You will regret it forever.

    so cute i like it

    and i love my guy...cant count the reasons..so wont even try....but here is the first and the biggest one...i love him just cz its him...n hnstly...i dnt need any other reason..

    i love reading about happy relationships it gives me hope i wish the best to you two :D

    awwww...you gave me a great idea, thank you very much

    awwww...you gave me a great idea, thank you very much

    awwww...you gave me a great idea, thank you very much

    We got about an hour into Juno last night. I'm loving it so far. Very good.

    Sounds like you guys really have something special :)

    He's a great catch. Congratulations.

    The transformer thing made me giggle.

    You seem really happy in your relationship, congratulations! :)

    He sounds like an awesome guy :) I like hearing stories about happy relationships, it makes me smile.