One of the Scariest Molments In My Life

my boyfriend his friends and brother were drinking that night.lately his brother was getting depressed and would talk slightly suicidal. dave doesnt like people talking like that so being all drunk and everything he decides to talk to his brother. normally my boyfriend would had handled this situation better but seeings how he DRUNK he was being an ******* to his brother telling his brother he was weak and trying to push him around. well it started a fight. his brother ran into his truck then (his mom was screaming, she thought he was leaving to go kill himself) so my boyfriend trys punching out the window on the truck to stop his brother from leaving well it didnt work. so my boyfriend steps INFRONT of the truck and his brother didnt stop instead his brother pressed the gas. my boyfriend STILL decided to stay infront of the truck, then his brother got pissed and as hard as he could he pushed the gas (btw it was really dark outside) well all me and his mom seen afterwards was darkness no noise nothing. i thought dave was dead, his mom thought the same, we both ran screaming his name towards the road. my boyfriend came into the light and he had tire marks on him all he said was i think he ran me over. after i held him and cried a lil, i was pissed, i sent him into the house. that night if my boyfriend wouldnt had been so drunk nothing would had happened so i told him he was never aloud to drink that much. his brother turned out to be fine, i think he was just trying to get away from my boyfriend being an *******.

brunnette2die4 brunnette2die4
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2008