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To People Who Think They Know Everything About Other Peoples Problems In Relationships

you dont ok? you dont know anything at all so you shouldnt be telling other people what they are doing wrong. it makes you look dumb. the only way you can give someone advice is if you seen and heard EVERYTHING that happened in that persons relationship. dont think you know everything cuz if you did then you would be smarter then any person that ever lived.pretending you know everything actually makes you look dumb.
brunnette2die4 brunnette2die4 18-21, F 2 Responses Jan 14, 2008

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thats fine but when you post up stories that say this is why your relationship wont work for example, more then likely you will be wronge.advice is one thing but being annoying and telling people whats "wronge" will only make you look wronge.some people need to work on giving advice and not telling people thier opinion is a fact. opinions arent facts.