Officially, Now.

last night we were snuggling in his bed, just touching, staring at each other across the pillow with smiles on our faces.

he gave a sweet kiss on the forehead and said "i feel so nerdy saying this, i don't know, i know it's early but i just - i just...." he got a bit flustered.

"i think i love you."

he laughed at himself a little bit, waiting for my reaction. "don't laugh about that," i said. "i love you too."


later that night i fell asleep in his bed. he tucked me in under all of his blankets and gave me a kiss. 

"let me know if you need anything. i'll get for you. because i love you - very much."


this is the start of something wonderful.

possibly possibly
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2 Responses Mar 15, 2008

Awww that soo nice. Good to know love does exist, pure and sttrong<br />
you warmed my heart<br />
im in that guys shoes (tryiong to say it) and im taking that as an inspiration! wish me luck

oh my god... that is so sweet.