100 Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend.

100 things I love about you :)
Well as you know I'm not really good at these things, But I just want you too know how much I adore you, Or well atleast try too explain >.<
And too start just by telling you some of the things about you, That I love,
1. Your smiles They melt my heart :P
2. The way you get really shy when your cheeks go really red is soo cute :P
3. That you really care about your appearance before you go on camera, And make such a effort, For me. When really you're gorgeous no matter what.
4.You're a boyfriend and a bestfriend
5. I can trust you,
6. Our texts late at night, When we're both trying too stay awake :P
7. I love your eyes,
8. Your giggles,
9. The way you say my name <3
10. You always make me laugh
11. When you just randomly start singing on the phone :)
12. Knowing that I know you'll always be there,
13. I love the fact that whenever I think about the future I always include you.
14. I love hearing you say you love me.
15. That you wish I'd never go.
16, I love hearing you compliment me,
17. I love how that when I'm at my roughest you still make me feel like I'm beautiful
18. Our little nick names for each other,
19. The necklace you sent me, Although I never showed real appreciation as i'm stubborn >.<
20. When we could not like text for a while and you tell me you miss me,
21. I've never felt lonely, When I've had you in my life.
22. That you're the person I'd love too spend the rest of my life with.
23. Our long *** phone calls :P
24. Your little tantrums :P
25. The way you get angry on cod and start huffing and puffing hehee.
26. When you tell me you'll never let me go.
27. Although you don't, I do, I absolutely love your body, It's perfect!!
28. Even when we're on the phone, We still text, Sometimes.. But I still love it :)
29. How much you care about me.
30. the way I feel so safe having you in my life, Like nothing could ever hurt me.
31. How it seems that everything I say matters to you.
32. How when you ask me how I am and how my day's been it's like you want too make my feelings and my day your own experience too.
33. Your sensitivity.
34. How you've always stood up for what you believe in.
35. You always try too help people.
36. the way you make my problems your own and sort them out with me <3
37. How kind and gentle you always are too me.
38. How you've let me into your life.
39. And taught me so much about yourself.
40. That you've given me this chance too know such an amazing person.
41. The fact that you're not afraid too cry.
42. When you've given me chances,
43. And your understanding when I don't deserve it.
44. You know whenever somethings up.
45. I love your voice.
46. Your hair :) Even when you don't spike it.. Well even more so :D
47. The way you quickly jump off your bed when we're on camera,
48, Then quickly duck and jump back on it, In hope I didn't see your belly :P
49. How you tell me and show me that you love me everyday :) <3
50. You always encourage me too do things I'm not too sure of but know will be in benefit too me.
51. How you actually had the balls too talk to my mum, Although that never went too plan :P Lucky you :D
52. How you'll always be the best in me, No rude thinking there Bruce!
53. How I instantly check my phone every morning too see if you've texted me, Even when we've argued.
54. How you're the first person I want too speak to when I wake up,
55. And how your voice is the last I wanna hear before I sleep :)
56. How you're my soul mate, I'm sure of that :)
57. Your amazingly big heart.
58. Your patience with me, Even when I push it >.<
59. How sweet and adorable you can be
60. How you know everything there is too know about me.
61, You've seen my good sides, And my bad : and still love me.
62. How you're so open-minded.
63. How my day instantly gets better just talking to you.
64. How my heart warms, Just seeing your face.
65. How I even get jealous of people saying you're good looking!
66. how you're the first person too ever let me experience the full ups and downs of being in love.
67. How you've taught me so much about life and myself.
68. You always make me see things in a different way, Better than what I'd of managed on my own.
69. You give me so much inspiration.
70. How before I was afraid too let myself go incase I got hurt as you're too good for me.
71. But now I'm not afraid too say how I feel, As I want you too know every little feeling I have for you .. :)
72. How whenever I'm in bed, I wish you were here for cuddles.
73.. How fluently I'm writing this, ;)
74. how I can tell you anything, And you'd always be there.
75. Our laughs we have together, The banter.. We're both on the same wave length :)
76. How as soon as we spoke we instantly clicked :)
77. When you first messaged me about sky player asking me if I was fake :P I was just instantly intrigued.. I needed too talk to you more, I had to get to know you!!
78. How in our first party you tried finding excuses not too talk as you thought you sounded weird when you were tired :P
79. Our love for kfc ;)
80. How whenever I listen too beautiful songs with such meaning, You always come too mind.
81. How whenever you explain what you'd like too do, ie: hugging, Kisses.. It feels so real :)
82. How I can't wait too be led in your arms, Feeling the soft breeze of your breath crossing my cheeks, And the soft whisper in my ear of you telling me you love me :D <3<3<3<3
83: How you've just asked me if it was alright if you were going home in an hour :P
84. How you'd never have too spend a penny on me too show you care, As your feelings are clearly shown.
85. How you've never been a fake.
86. You've always been true too yourself, And never tried too pretend you're something else.
87. How i'm writing this whilst crying, Cause maybe you'll know just how much I care for once :)
88. How I'm not really good at showing my feelings but the most simple words I say too you, You find amazing.
89. I've never felt like I've had too not be who I am when I talk to you, I can always be myself.
90. how when you're happy, I'm happy, When you're sad.. I feel sad. I share your feelings as you're such a major part of my life.
91. How I could never run out of things too say that I love about you, As there's so much too you, You're such an interesting person, You're amazing.
92. Your 'out of this world' personality.
93. How you always know the right things too say.
94. That just seeing your smile makes all my troubles and worries go away.
95. How you've found a special place in my heart, As such an amazing friend, And partner, And you'll forever have that place.
96.How you always make sure that I know that you love me :)
97. How not many people really wanted too see us together, But that doesn't matter, Because I've got you, And that makes all those peoples thoughts just disappear. And having you in my life means more too me than anything.  [I also love how that sounded like a line out of Akon's song "Don't matter" :P ]
98. I abolutely adore how you treat me.
99. How you treat me with such respect, And although at times I may not have it always seems like I have your undivided attention.
100!! :D  I love how i've just written 100 things that I love about you, And I could carry on :) There's just so many amazing things too you Bruce, I could simply never stop. You need to start realising just how amazing you really are, You're like a star :) You stand out from amongst all the rest, Your personailty shines through so brightly, And I'm so thankful, I've been able too experience the person you are, And too be able too play a role in your life. That's such an achievement, Trust me :) I'm honoured too say I have you, As a friend, As a soul mate, As my boyfriend and most importantly as my future.

Bruce Chennell,
I love you, And there's no one or anything in this world,
That could ever stop me feeling the way I do.
You've captured my heart,
And there's no way I'd ever get it back.
Even though i wouldn't try :)
I love you
shannondarlinnx3 shannondarlinnx3
1 Response Dec 18, 2011

That's so cute, you guys are truly soul mates if you could think of 100 deep things that you love about him, I hope you guys get married and have a wonderful life.