On a cold day when the sun will fade I know I am left alone.
Sitting here my mind will wander and run its course in the valley below.
The days of sunshine, the lack of rain, these things will possess my eyes and ears.
But from a distance the things I hear will always lead me right back here.
Sitting and waiting, thinking of you.

Enticed by your lovely endeavors,
Left alone with my shallow pleasures,
I found that I could endure the weather,
So long as I had you.
Your shining smile and your tender lips,
Your warm embrace and passionate kiss,
All of these things I love, I need,
All of these things are you.

The warm days I could never find throughout the chaos that I shuttered to find.
All of these were creations of mind, wholly imagined, such whimsical lies.
Forever remaining listless and sitting underneath a blanket of trees,
Clutching my heart and gripping my knees,
There was no way to escape the pleas of the mind that had long been worn and torn to pieces.
Such bleak and hollow days were to forever be mine,
Though I knew that all was a blatant lie.

And then one day I looked up to find that a hand had reached out to lift me.
Brown eyes had been watching to take me, and help me mend the tattered leaves,
The ones that, I knew, would always make up my being.
Slowly I awakened, and enticed by what I saw,
With your hand entwined in mine I'd gladly go along.

The world forlorn that I once knew,
Has been taken over and made better by you.
The words you speak, those colorful nouns,
They blot the ink and drown out the sounds,
That once would infect my brain and ***** me of my sanity.
When one day I am without you, I never want to know where next I'll be.

Some things will always come to an inevitable end,
Hope as we might there can be nothing else with this tumultuous wind.
If some day I know I am never again to see the soul that as a piece of my own I've marked,
I'll still hold our tender leaves, press them to my scars, and lock them within my heart.
SadisticYellowBird SadisticYellowBird
18-21, F
May 5, 2012