Ben, Mon Amour

I met Ben fairly soon after I opened my bakery. He was a customer, of course, I was so busy with the bakery there was no social life at all. He became a regular, and for about 4 months I only knew him as "Cinnamon bun and soy latte". He was funny and we always had such good banter when he came in, I did some sneaky business with one of my employees to get his name. He ended up asking me out about half a year after I opened the bakery. I told him no- my business was still starting up and I simply had no time to date. He took the rejection in stride and continued coming in regularly. He asked again a year after I opened the bakery, and this time I agreed.

Ben is amazing. He's an architect, awkwardly romantic, a bit of a homebody (which is great because I am too), a bit of an idealist, and empathetic. He keeps me from getting too serious, and tolerates my independent streak. We have a strong bond and a strong relationship. We've been together 4 years so far, and I couldn't imagine being with anyone else.
charbakes charbakes
26-30, F
May 7, 2012