I Love Him

I am 14 years old, I know people say that's to young to know if you're in love but I don't think age matters. You're never too young to fall in love. My boyfriend just turned 16 in march so he's only really a year older than me. We have our arguments but that's part of a relationship. He tells me I'm perfect all the time even though I know I'm not. I'm the most self conscious person. We have only been dating for 3 month, yes I know not a long time. I have known him for about a year and he has helped me through so much. My mother was diagnosed with leukemia in August and he was with me through it all. He knew about my mom and knew Im not the stronges person and I break down but he was still always there. We didnt start dating until Febuary 23rd and my mother passed away April 7th. He's my favorite person to be with and it doesn't matter what we are doing but just being with him makes me happy on my worst days. He has seen me cry, I get all red but he still says in beautiful. I love him.
myacamie myacamie
May 20, 2012